A great technology partner is not just about technology.

In a world where change is the only constant, your organization’s technology holds the key to achieving greater efficiency, growth and a competitive edge. Managing that technology to drive superior performance and results is how you get there.

But there’s one key principle we at Runwell truly understand – never lose sight of your core mission. IT is only a means to an end. What the people who power your business need is technology that’s always-on, secure and, for the most part, transparent.

At Runwell Solutions (RSI), we see things differently than most.

Rather than applying canned IT solutions to solve a problem, we help you develop a proactive and progressive approach to making your business thrive – with technology as the enabler, not the end goal.

As a trusted partner to leading organizations in PA, the Northeast and beyond, we’re concerned first and foremost with understanding your business goals. Only then will we consider the optimal technologies and processes to achieve them.


RSI knows the power and potential of strategic evolution.

From our early roots in 1990, when we were known as Wyomissing Data Systems, we’ve successfully evolved in many ways – in our size, our reach, our approach to technology and our holistic business perspective.

So when you are ready to evolve to the next level in making technology your ally –  whether it’s cloud, onsite, hybrid or proactively managed IT that will best serve your operational needs – we’re the partner who can help you get there.