Make Efficient Document Management a Staple with iManage

Today’s law firms, financial services providers, legal departments and accounting departments run hard, managing countless documents, while being subject to a multitude of legal compliance requirements.

As a result, such organizations and others that work with a significant ‘paper trail’ need to optimize productivity – or risk having business bogged down in tedious management of the required processes.

iManage Work – A World Class Document Management Solution

Give your business the edge it needs to rise above the rest in service quality, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. With iManage Work, your team is empowered to easily find and manage all documents, emails and other forms of communication within a defined project-specific workspace.

What’s more, these documents are easily and securely accessible from anywhere, from any device. And advanced collaboration capabilities allow users to work from their preferred applications such as Outlook, Lotus Notes or MS Office, all with seamless integration and a standard, consistent workflow.

Get the Edge

Ensure your organization stays focused on delivering superior work product – not on tracking, filing and searching for it. Contact Runwell for a personalized evaluation of your requirements, and a clear roadmap to freeing your team to do its best work.

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