Automating Workflows Drives Business Performance

Streamlining, tracking and organizing the myriad of communications that comprise today’s professional services environments is one of the greatest challenges to business productivity.

The ever-increasing range of communication media – email, voice messages, texts, documents, instant messages and more – the need to automate for the sake of efficiency while also maintaining consistency for the sake of professionalism becomes ever more critical.

A Proven Foundation for Reliable Automation

With a long history of helping clients improve their business processes via technology, Runwell empowers organizations in eastern PA and the northeastern US with the most advanced document and workflow automation on the market, utilized by many leading legal, financial and other enterprises around the world.

We can enable your extended team to:

  • Manage electronic documents, scanned content, and email in a single platform.
  • Easily collaborate between disparate departments and offices.
  • Connect disparate systems to help you leverage critical business data and key performance indicators.
  • Empower workers with new productivity tools like secure, mobile access to files on their personal devices.
  • Streamline and standardize work product such as email communication, proposals, letterhead and other correspondence.
  • Eliminate complexity with basic and routine functions such as printing and scanning.
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Make Workflow Automation a Best Practice for Your Team

Runwell’s Document & Workflow Automation solutions are based on the powerful iManage platform and decades of collective experience, giving you flexibility in communications while maintaining peak document and workflow automation efficiency.

Build on a proven, easy-to-integrate platform, iManage makes it simple for your team to share a unified project workspace, and yet work from the applications and locations most comfortable for them.

Get on the Path to Peak Productivity

Don’t let more staff hours go to waste...

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