Runwell Reporting Drives Superior Business Performance

Today, timely and insightful reporting is critical to keeping businesses running smoothly, making sound decisions for performance optimization, and providing the data needed by partner, customer and regulatory compliance agencies.

With a finesse that comes from years of systems integration experience, Runwell develops easy-to-understand visual dashboards – integrating your KPI’s and other need-to-know info – to support empowered executive decision-making based on meaningful, trustworthy and timely data.

Reporting That ProActively Monitors and Protects IT System Health

Runwell doesn’t just monitor your IT systems to find current problems – we also ProActively measure performance of key IT components and processes all the time.

Why is this different or important? Our ProActive monitoring and reporting enables the strategic analysis and visibility of data trending that lets you foresee and fend off problems, and to make the most cost-effective, strategic long-term IT decisions.

While standard tools may reveal issues and allow reactive decisions, Runwell’s ProActive monitoring give you the tools to proactively protect key areas such as:

  • Network performance
  • Application delivery levels
  • Storage speed & availability
  • And more…

Reporting That Drives Sound Business Decisions & Competitive Advantage

Our team can create, automate and ensure timely delivery of the exact data reporting your team needs to understand how your organization is performing, and to make the most advantageous decisions daily – both operational and strategic.

We offer proven expertise in integrating the many sources of data required for truly informed reporting: Sales, Supply Chain, Inventory, Customer information, Social channels, etc.

We utilize the leading BI analytics solutions out there today, such as Qlik, SAS, Cognos, and others, to deliver reporting to your business decision makers in way that’s:

  • Visual
  • Clear
  • Timely
  • Actionable

Reporting That Supports Your Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is a key driver of many organizations’ reporting needs. No matter what your business, you’re likely to need to provide easy access and Reporting to some or all of your organization’s data…

We can help with ensuring accurate, easy delivery of reporting you may need to meet the requirements of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI standards, Graham-Leach Bliley Act, BASEL II and other regulations.

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