SkyScan Lets You Put Spam Back in the Can

Corporate email is crucial to conducting business today. Unfortunately, email can also be a gateway to malicious attacks, phishing for sensitive information, viruses and more dangers to your network and private data. With such threats becoming more sophisticated and insidious daily, spam management is a key component of an effective security posture.

Runwell offers our SkyScan solution to give you back the peace of mind and comfort you should have in conducting your business by email.

Protect Your Data, Squash Email Threats and Ensure Valid Email Delivery

Our solution provides an invisible, efficient filter that scans email and file attachments with powerful virus scanning technology.  Whether threats are coming from outside or inside your network, SkyScan from Runwell provides added layers of defense to keep your network and data secure.

SkyScan identifies and isolates email from known spammers and malware sources, recognizing even the most covert techniques to hide malicious content such as embedding text within images.

SkyScan’s database is constantly updated to be aware of the most recent email threats and virus signatures. With an automated updating system that collects intelligence from the best global monitoring sources, it frees you from the need to self-manage such frequent and critical updates.

Email Encryption, Archiving & Litigation Holds

SkyScan gives you the flexibility to add several additional features beyond the security features:

  • Bottomless Archiving
  • 99 Year Retention
  • Full E-discovery Functionality
  • Litigation Hold Tools
  • Comprehensive Policy and Compliance Control
  • Stationary and Disclaimer Management
  • Email Encryption
  • Large Attachment File Handling

Real Time E-mail Continuity

If your Exchange server is onsite, you run the risk of losing email or being unable to send or receive email if your Internet connection goes down. With SkyScan, we offer a 100% uptime SLA. Even if your Internet connection goes down, you will be able to continue to send and receive email and avoid embarrassing bounce-backs with your customers.

Enhanced Threat Protection

SkyScan reviews every email sent and received, but you can increase your protection by implementing Enhanced Threat Protection. This service replaces potentially unsafe links found in email to thwart potential phishing attacks. It also converts potentially unsafe attachments into PDFs, which eliminates the possibility that unsafe code embedded in the original attachment would ever reach a user inside your network.

Email Protection Made Easy

As a proven and trusted security solution provider, let Runwell make your life easier while getting your enterprise the protection you need.

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