Half of You Reading This Experienced the Effects of a Cyber Attack Last Year

Breaches, Phishing, and Malware/Ransomware attacks are a serious threat to Small Businesses around the world. That is not changing any time soon.  You might think “my company is too small” or “ we don’t have anything the bad guys want”, but this is not the case.  In the well-respected Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, small businesses were affected by almost 3x of the next closest business demographic at 43% of all attacks reported in 2018.

Another misconception is that a network firewall, antispam, antivirus/antimalware on your computer, and a decent password means security is covered.  As attackers continue to outperform traditional tools and develop more complex methodologies, increased layers of security become necessary. For example, neither a basic firewall, nor traditional antivirus will defend against a new strain of Ransomware.  Tools using behavior monitoring and artificial intelligence should be considered to help prevent previously unknown threats.  Antispam does not know how to detect Phishing attempts or evaluate threats contained in email.  Email attachment and link reputation scanning are a must have since email is one of the top vehicles for threats.  The list goes on and on of the tools that should be considered to protect your data wherever it is accessed and stored.

According to a Better Business Bureau survey, 55% of small businesses lack the resources (manpower) and knowledge to develop a cybersecurity plan and run it.   You can have all the cybersecurity tools in the world, but if skilled people are not watching the shop, those tools will be limited in their security effectiveness.  Fortunately, Security as a Service, A.K.A. Managed Security, is available to provide the tools, manage them efficiently, monitor for emerging threats, and serve the needs of small and medium businesses. 

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