Document Management Solution


Businesses that handle high volumes of documents often struggle with organization, security and keeping track of edits. While document management is generally geared toward the legal industry, it can be a challenge in manufacturing, government, education and accounting as well.

The evolution of managing documents, as a business grows, typically follows this pattern:

Users save documents to their computer until someone loses everything due to a hard drive failure…


Company installs a server with backup and creates a shared network drive… the “M: Drive”


Users start saving their documents to the “M: Drive”

Users save documents to their computer until someone loses everything due to a hard drive failure…


Company installs a server with backup and creates a shared network drive… the “M: Drive”


Users start saving their documents to the “M: Drive”

This typically works well for a while, but as the business grows it invariably encounters these challenges:

Users accidentally drag and drop a document or folder somewhere else, and now it’s “lost.”


Documents are susceptible to accidental or malicious deletion.


There is no security; anyone can edit, print, copy or email anything and no one knows who did it.


Organization of information is a nightmare because there’s too much flexibility.


Searching is impossible; Windows just wasn’t built for search.


If it hasn’t happened yet, you don’t know how vulnerable you are to a Ransomware attack.



We’ll help you gain a thorough understanding of the types of documents, the information, you’re creating and then build templates to organize this information. With these templates, each new job, matter or engagement will have a specific, defined set of folders which can’t be modified. This will require all your users to organize information in the same way, making it much easier for everyone else to find documents.

iManage folders also don’t allow drag and drop for just everyone, so you don’t have to worry about entire folders getting “lost.”


All documents put into iManage is automatically tagged with valuable information such as client, matter, practice area, job number, customer, engagement number, application number, etc. (These fields are customizable and will be defined by you.)

Having this valuable information greatly aids in searching.

Moreover, iManage is backed by a state-of-the-art search engine which allows you to quickly search by document name and document content.


Probably the biggest benefit to utilizing iManage is the management of email. So much of today’s communication is done via email, and if you’re looking on your network drive for information, you’re probably only seeing half the story. The other half of the story is strewn all throughout your business in various employee’s mailboxes.

iManage provides seamless Outlook integration, which allows you to capture all the information pertaining to a matter, job or engagement.


iManage tracks everything done to every document. Open, save, print, copy, move, edit, export, email, and so on. Who did it, what computer it was done on, when, etc. Everything you need to track all that important information to truly understand what happened to any given document.


The security that comes with iManage is much easier to use than Windows and can be configured on each template. This allows you to control which groups or individual users can access what content without needing to remember to configure that security with each and every new folder, job, matter or engagement.


Documents are stored on a server in a way that is not directly accessible by users. As a result, the document repository is protected or shielded from threats like Ransomware or other accidental or malicious activities.

I don’t like change…

No one does. Fortunately, iManage was designed to mimic common features your users are already accustomed to.

iManage seamlessly integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Acrobat. Users will save documents into iManage just like they do to your network drive with very little additional effort.


If you’ve made the decision to use iManage Work for document & email management, it’s time to choose a trusted partner that can manage the complexity and change that is a part of any technology implementation.

Our team is well versed in organizing information, learning your unique workflows and processes, and tailoring iManage to work in a way that makes sense for your business.

We’d be happy to give you a quick call to answer any of your questions.

We can stop by your office and give you an assessment.

We’ll make sure your business can get the most out of its iManage investment in two ways.

First, your iManage system will be fine-tuned to best meet the needs of your firm.

Second, we’re in this for the long-haul and will be here for years to come to provide you with all the support, training and guidance you need.

We’ll work closely with you to create a roadmap to accomplish:

  • Determining your firm’s unique requirements
  • Optimizing existing processes to take advantage of iManage
  • Customizing the system to meet your unique needs


iManage has consistently improved their document management system over the last decade. These improvements provide new features and functionality, extending it’s capabilities and improving performance. However, upgrading iManage or implementing new features is not a small matter.

Our certified engineers have hands-on experience helping businesses make the move to newer versions of iManage. We put together an upgrade roadmap, manage any required server upgrades, and test for compatibility with any third-party add-ins – all to ensure a smooth transition for your business.

If you’re considering an iManage upgrade, here are few features that could be key for you:

    • Email management
    • File-level encryption for HIPAA compliance
    • Remote access via HTTPS
    • Mobile access for tablets and smartphones
    • Matter Centric or Electronic Filing System features
    • Archiving old data
    • Sharing information with outside parties using iManage


We’ve been successfully implementing document management systems for over 20 years.

We became an iManage partner in their early years, back in 1999. iManage was purchased by Interwoven in 2003, which was then purchased by Autonomy and ultimately HP. In 2015 the original founders of iManage bought the product from HP/Autonomy. Throughout all of this, iManage realized much positive change and influence which has made it the leading document management system it is today. We’ve been a partner with iManage, and maintained our certifications throughout.

While we do have a deep understanding of the iManage product, where we really shine is in our curiosity for understanding your business. Our unique talents in this area allow us to truly integrate and configure the iManage product to work within your business in a way that improves your productivity and reduces risks to your business.

…where we really shine is in our curiosity for understanding YOUR business.

With any iManage engagement, we’ll make sure you have:

Project management: on time, on budget

Consulting: know what your options are, and when they make sense

Tailored Fit: use what you need, remove what you don’t

Installation: white-glove and professional

Training: hit the ground running!

Support: just in case you have a question or two… or fifty

Give us a call. We’re really, really good at this.