Password Management

Passwords.  We all have them, and lots of them.  People in our industry will tell you that they need to be long, complex, and unique.  But is that really practical?  Is it really possible to have a unique password, that is long and complex for each and every digital account you have?  No, it’s not.

The reality is, if you have a lot of passwords then they’re probably not long or complex, and if you don’t, then you’re probably re-using the same passwords for different digital accounts.

You may be reading this thinking about your personal accounts.  Bank accounts, credit cards, Online shopping accounts…

  • What about your end-user’s work-related accounts?
  • Are their passwords long, complex and unique?
  • How would you know?
  • What exposure does your business have because your end-users do not have complex, unique passwords?
  • How do you handle shared interoffice passwords?
  • And what happens if your end-users are storing passwords in their browsers?
  • What risk does that expose your business to? 

(Read more about this from a previous post.)

Don’t fret.  We can help. 

We can provide a solution that answers all these questions, enhances the security of your business, all while making life easier and more efficient for your end-users.  Our Password Management solution provides all the basics:

  • username and password management
  • folder organization
  • custom categorization
  • full auditing and change history
  • notes
  • supports two-factor authentication
  • full search features
  • password access security for shared accounts

Our solution also provides a number of other critical features:

Password Strength Statistics:

See which passwords need attention

Password Generation Form:

Easily create very complex passwords

Password Generation Form

Browser Plug-In for Automatic Form Fill-in:

Not susceptible to hacking as described in this post

Browser Plugin for automatic form fill ins

Activity Shortcuts

Launch URLs, copy usernames & passwords, etc.

Activity Shortcuts

If you’re struggling with password management or are concerned about the security and business implications of your end-users, please contact us today!