‘Tis the Season…be careful what you click.

‘Tis the Season for family, holidays, presents, hot chocolate, warm fires and snow.  Sadly, the bad guys are hard at work, carefully crafting emails about online orders, invoices,  and package tracking information.  They know all too well that we’re shopping online, and they’re hard at work trying to trick us.  Stay safe and use extra caution when clicking on links and attachments in emails.

One particular virus, Emotet, has resurfaced recently.  This virus is intended to steal information from your computer and is particularly insidious in the way that is spreads across internal networks.  It is very difficult to remove once a computer inside your network is infected.  You can read more about Emotet here:


If you’re a Runwell client, rest assured we’re watching for these threats on your network.  If you’re not, give us a call, we’re happy to help!