A Simple Cybersecurity Tool You Should Use, But Probably Aren’t

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an effective, but simple-to-use layer of security that many have not adopted yet. 

What Is The Risk?

People use more cloud storage and email, share more personal information on social media & the Internet, perform more financial transactions online, and access corporate resources remotely more than at any time in history.  There is a greater chance that your personal information has been or will be stolen than at any time in history.  The unfortunate reality is usernames and passwords, no matter how complex, are useless as a security method once criminals obtain them.  Something more is needed!

If A Username & Password Aren’t Enough, What Is Needed?

Two-Factor Authentication

Since usernames and passwords are no longer enough security, a second layer of verification greatly reduces the risk of breach.  Two-Factor Authentication has unquestionably become a minimum requirement as a secondary security component.  It is a necessary tool to mitigate the negative effects of stolen credentials.  When device based Two-Factor Authentication is deployed, Google’s recent research showed 100% effectiveness against automated bot attacks, 99% against bulk phishing attacks, and 90% against targeted attacks.  Starting to sound compelling?

How Simple Is 2FA To Use? 


Once you enter your username and password, a second factor or piece of information is required to gain access to your protected resource.  The various factor types that satisfy 2FA include a PIN, answers to secret questions, and biometric characteristics (iris scan, fingerprint), but most often it is a temporary code or access request verification from a smartphone app or provided in a text message. Regardless of method, 2FA is simple and effective.

Where Should 2FA Be Implemented?

  • Social Media Sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter
  • Financial Sites – Banks, Insurance, Investments, PayPal, Credit Cards
  • Shopping Sites – Amazon, Ebay
  • Cloud Storage – Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, AWS, Azure
  • Cloud Email – Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail
  • Remotely Accessible Corporate Resources – Terminal Server, VPN, Web Applications

Contact Runwell Solutions today to learn how Two-Factor Authentication can enable your business.  2FA is an essential component of Runwell Solutions’ comprehensive SkyShield Security as a Service, purpose built for today’s small and medium businesses.