Client Spotlight: Brubacher Excavating

Client Spotlight:

Brubacher is an excavating company located in Bowmansville, PA.  They have a second location in Liberty, PA, just north of Williamsport, however, their service area extends east to the outskirts of Philadelphia and west towards Harrisburg.  Their services also extend into Delaware and Maryland. Typically they work within a 50-mile radius from the office.  The services provided range from earthwork, pipework, paving, clearing, and site construction.  Basically anything from the ground and down.  Brubacher prepares the land for the building.

We had the chance to interview Tracy, the IT director at Brubacher.  She has been with the company for almost 22 years and is the entire IT department.  Tracy handles all the company cell phones, laptops, desktops, iPads, smartphones, and the phone system within the company.  She also maintains any software that they have.  They rely on Runwell for all the networking side of IT (firewalls, VPNs, servers) and Runwell will also support Tracy as well when she is out or overloaded.

Brubacher has been with Runwell for over 10 years; back when they were called Wyomissing Data Systems!  Back then, Brubacher had reached a point where they needed to outsource their IT.  They contacted several local IT companies and that is when they chose to work with Runwell.

Tracy stated that they stay with Runwell because of the personal contact and touch they receive from Runwell.  Other IT companies are big and you don’t get to know the people that work there.  At Runwell, you have a relationship with them and you are not just another customer to them.

Runwell is continually coming up with new ideas and keeping them updated on what would best serve them and guiding them on what is best for the company.  Instead of making an investment in hardware, Brubacher hosts with them, and they don’t have the cost of keeping all the hardware they need on hand.  This is more of a consistent cost instead of trying to plan out big purchases every couple of years.  It also saves Tracy and the company the headaches and worries about wondering what might happen to their hardware, as it is kept in a safe environment with Runwell.  They also handle the entire gamut of things and not just networking and individual things.  Runwell has someone on staff for each different area.

When asked what they would recommend about Runwell Solutions, Tracy says their customer service.  Runwell cares for the customer and gets the job done.  They are there to answer the phone and help, without you having to leave messages and waiting.  You can call, speak to someone, and get connected with the right person to help you with the issue.  The aspect of personal touch is very important to Brubacher and that is what their company expects.