Client Spotlight: Vision Sign Group

Client Spotlight:

Vision Sign Group is a national sign and branding firm.  They are a completely virtual company, with headquarters in West Virginia and staff all over the country and specialize in high-level logistics management.  We had the opportunity to interview Kevin, the VP of Operations for the company.  Kevin has been with the company for 2.5 years and handles everything on the IT level from working with Runwell, dealing with IT issues, and integrating software.  He is the contact person for IT in the company.

Kevin first learned about Runwell through a colleague, who was their original software developer.  Because they are virtual, Runwell’s reputation of high-level technical and customer support interested Kevin and Vision Sign Group.  They were looking for a turnkey IT solution and that is what they got with Runwell.

Even today, they are continually impressed with Runwell’s customer service.  No matter what is going on in the company, Kevin knows that they will not have to wait.  Runwell immediately jumps into action and works at creating a solution that works best for the company.  Kevin believes that efficiencies in all IT needs drive productivity and that is what they get with Runwell.  They have never experienced any downtime with Runwell, which is crucial to their virtual business.

Another thing that Kevin appreciates about Runwell is that everyone on the team is willing to help them – from the first phone call placed with Chanelle to directing their call to the person best able to help them.  He says that Jonathan is such a hands-on owner allowing Kevin the opportunity to call Jonathan directly.  Runwell is more customer-centric than any other company that Kevin has worked with.

One example of how Runwell has been especially supportive of Vision Sign Group occurred in August 2020, during the midst of the pandemic.  Vision Sign Group continued to implement strong financial decisions and changes to ensure the stability of their firm while navigating the COVID crisis.  The company made the decision to change directions with their IT overhead and separated from Runwell.  Kevin says that was one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made.  Due to productivity loss and lots of downtime, the company lost an estimated $30K while trying to manage, maintain and support all the IT without the benefit of Runwell.  They called Runwell back right away and asked if they could return as a client.  Kevin says that Jonathan and the team were not negative towards them (ever) for their decision to leave and worked immediately to get them back up and running to full capacity with business as usual, which they had previously not been for 2 weeks since the decision to leave Runwell.

Kevin says that Runwell has out-of-the-box IT solutions and they offer things not a part of their original services.  They help you navigate through different parts of that.  They are always willing to guide you through different ideas and are not one-dimensional.  Kevin deals with over 2500 vendors, and Runwell is in the top 1% of the best of the best.