Client Spotlight: Rainbow Rubber and Plastics

Client Spotlight:

Rainbow Rubber & Plastic, Inc., of Reading PA, has been a client of Runwell Solutions since the beginning of 2019. Their business specializes in importing belting products for different industries. Rainbow coordinates the manufacturing and handles the distribution of rubber belts (assembly line belts, conveyor belts, etc).
We had the ability to interview Emily, the president, and owner of the company and Shelly, the in-house IT for over 12 years. Emily has been with Rainbow for 7 years now and it was her late father who founded the business and also bridged the connection between their company and Runwell Solutions.

Before working with Runwell, Rainbow Rubber & Plastics worked with another IT company that simply outgrew them. They didn’t get the personal connection that they wanted and never worked with the same person twice.  When Emily met with Jonathan (one of the owners of Runwell), she was impressed because he spoke in terms that she could understand instead of technical terms.  Emily feels that Runwell tailors services to what clients need while also looking at the big picture.

It was this feature that really interested them in working with Runwell.  Emily and Shelly both appreciate the accessibility with Runwell in that they can simply call or text Jonathan directly and he will answer them.  Runwell also provides them with personalized service, understands their problems, and gives a REAL and direct answer to problems as opposed to providing band-aid fixes.

Shelly, being the in-house IT, interacts with the team at Runwell frequently.  She tries to solve little things on her own, however, when there is a larger problem Shelly will interface with Runwell who handles all their IT services.  Shelly has also found that by using Runwell, they have fewer problems than before.  Runwell does not nickel and dime them, rather they seek to do what’s best for Rainbow.

Shelly recounted a recent time when Runwell did an install for them.  She was impressed that they arrived on time and stayed to make sure everything was done correctly.  “Runwell makes sure that everything is working properly before leaving; they take the time needed to do an excellent and thorough job.

Rainbow has been impressed with Runwell Solutions in that the owners really take the time to understand the problems that the client has and fixes them. They also take the time to explain the problem to the client.  When asked what they would recommend most about Runwell Solutions it would be:

  • Great service levels and communication
  • Not guessing but truly understanding our business
  • Going the extra mile to get problems fixed quickly