Client Spotlight: Law Firm, Williamsport, PA

Client Spotlight:

This client spotlight is on a law firm in Williamsport, PA.  Their firm focuses on litigation, employment law, estate planning, and real estate for both commercial and residential. 

We were able to interview the Office Manager, who has been with the firm for 12 years.  The Office Manager has a host of responsibilities, one of which is IT.  She is primarily responsible for making IT decisions for the firm, especially with upgrades and new technology.  She is also very security conscious and enjoys consulting with Runwell about different ways to keep the firm secure.  She will, on occasion, get involved in day to day IT issues and works with staff members and Runwell to get issues resolved.  She also works with Runwell on projects and new initiatives.  She helps to define the scope of the project, discusses pricing, and presents it to the firm for approval.

Runwell has worked with the firm since 2003 on a variety of projects, with the most recent project being last fall.  Since their time working with Runwell, the Office Manager recalls that she is most impressed with Runwell’s employees and their knowledge and helpfulness.  The firm has increased their productivity, and Runwell always makes sure that the firm is as secure as possible.  When asked what she appreciates about Runwell: “Runwell is like our extended family.  I have great trust in their people and they work with all my staff so well.  I have no hesitation with Runwell in any area.”

She also recalls that Runwell has great support and that they have never let her or their firm down.  Runwell is their #1 recommendation for an outsourced IT partner.