Client Spotlight: Curtin & Heefner, LLP

Client Spotlight:

Curtin & Heefner, LLP, is a full-service law firm located in the Bucks County region, with offices in Yardley, Doylestown, Berwyn (PA), and Princeton (NJ). They currently operate with 30 attorneys and work in many practice areas including Property Damage, Insurance Defense, Personal Injury, Banking, Real Estate, and Commercial Transactions.  For this spotlight, we had the opportunity to interview John and Betty Jo.  John is the Firm Administrator and has been working with Curtin Heefner for 4 years.  Betty Jo is the in-house IT coordinator and has worked with the firm for over 30 years.

John and Betty Jo co-manage IT for Curtin Heefner.  John oversees firm operations including financial, HR, marketing, and IT.  Betty Jo is the first point of contact for all IT issues and is often able to resolve day-to-day issues.  However, the firm was in need of an IT company that could work with them on back-end server and infrastructure issues.  They were also looking for a company that could partner with them on IT planning and growth.

Curtin Heefner worked with Runwell for over 20 years, starting in 1996 when the firm implemented its first computer system.  At the time, they learned about Runwell online and were impressed with their in-house training.  After their long tenure with Runwell, the firm decided to shift gears and work with another IT company, which they did for approximately two years.  During this time, the firm experienced many issues and in late 2019 they made the decision to return to Runwell.

A big motivator was Runwell’s willingness to explain all of their options for maintaining and upgrading their IT systems.  The prior IT company seemed to be only presenting very expensive upgrade options.John and Betty Jo both said how it was amazing that Runwell came back and picked up right where they left off.

Runwell manages and maintains the entire network and all the servers.  They help with support issues when Betty Jo is not available or if there are too many to keep up with.  Runwell also handles procuring new equipment, licensing renewals, and setting up new users on the network.  They always ensure new users are all set up and ready to go on their first day.

Runwell’s responsiveness is unmatched in their industry.  They provide immediate responses and make the firm feel like they are a priority.  Betty Jo says: Runwell takes minutes, not hours or days, to respond to a question or problem.  They are very intelligent in how they approach problem-solving and employ a wide variety of engineers that specialize in different areas.

Runwell has stood by Curtin through the difficult times they have all experienced this year.  With Runwell’s support, Curtin has remained productive and has not experienced any downtime caused by internal system issues.  Runwell is proactive in that they provide monthly maintenance and monitor the system to ensure their network doesn’t go down.  In the few incidents of downtime that did occur, due to power outages, Runwell was immediately available to help get the firm back up and running.

Curtin also enjoys discussing IT with Runwell because they do not overwhelm the firm with technical jargon.  They explain things and ensure John, Betty Jo, and others on their team have a clear understanding.  They are also very patient with more difficult, IT challenged users.

When asked what they would recommend about Runwell, John and Betty Jo said: 

    • Vast knowledge
    • Reliability 
  • Responsiveness