Client Spotlight: Mette, Evans & Woodside

Client Spotlight:

Mette, Evans & Woodside, is a mid-sized law firm in the Central PA area. The firm consists of 28 attorneys and it serves in a broad variety of areas including business law, litigation law, estates and trusts, and real estate. For this spotlight we had the opportunity to interview Melanie Vanderau. Melanie carries a lot of different roles at the company including being a member of the board of directors, a shareholder, chair of the IT team, and IT security officer.

Runwell Solutions was already Mette, Evans & Woodside’s IT Partner when Melanie began working for the company as an attorney 14 years ago. Through her years of working with Runwell, Melanie has been impressed with their level of responsiveness, their institutional knowledge of and history with Mette, Evans & Woodside.

Melanie says that Runwell Solutions has a high level of personal involvement. They take their job seriously. As Mette, Evans & Woodside does not maintain its own in-house IT staff, Runwell fills that role and its staff genuinely cares about their work for Mette, Evans & Woodside. Runwell has been Mette’s IT vendor for 20+ years and has created a successful IT structure at the organization.

Throughout the entire COVID-19 lockdown, Melanie recalls that Runwell was immediately available to help transition Mette to a remote workforce. They were very efficient and right on top of everything, making sure that all the attorneys, paralegals, and staff could continue on working from home seamlessly and without delay or interruption.

When asked what she would recommend about Runwell, Melanie says: Their level of knowledge. They are a very well-run company and easy to deal with.