Client Spotlight: Sherman, Silverstein, Kohl, Rose & Podolsky, P.A.

Client Spotlight:

Sherman Silverstein Kohl Rose & Podolsky, P.A., is a mid-size general practice law firm with 19 lawyers principally serving the New Jersey/Greater Philadelphia regional areas, with a national presence as well.  Sherman Silverstien provides expertise comparable to larger law firms but is small enough to offer direct client interaction with responsible partners at a fair and equitable cost.  We had the opportunity to interview Dan Barrison, one of the current managing partners, and Holly Taylor, the firm administrator. 

Technology is a key component of Sherman Silverstein’s practice.  Sherman Silverstein determined early on that investing wisely in technology was essential to staying competitive.  Dan is the point person for planning their IT strategy, including key decisions regarding network structure, backup, disaster recovery, and so on.  Holly is responsible for the implementation of IT and the coordination of everyday maintenance.  She tracks and deals with various issues that pop up throughout the day. 

Sherman Silverstein learned about Runwell Solutions through an IT previous company that they worked with.  Prior to Runwell, Sherman Silverstein worked with a series of consultants, many of which served larger city law firms.  One of the prior IT companies working with Sherman Silverstein did not have expertise with iManage, the firm’s document management system. This was problematic as the document management system is crucial to all aspects of Sherman Silverstein’s day to day workflow.  This prior IT company subcontracted its iManage support to Runwell.  When Sherman Silverstein decided to reevaluate their IT consultant, they recalled Runwell and reached out to them directly. 

As a firm too small to warrant its own on-site full-time IT staff, Sherman Silverstein made the decision years ago to outsource its IT support needs.  They needed to partner with an IT firm who had the experience to not only handle their current IT needs but also with knowledge of the legal industry who could help them plan for the future.  Based on Dan’s and Holly’s assessment of Runwell, no one has come close to Runwell’s responsiveness and expertise.  Runwell is responsive to their questions, addresses their needs, and has always come up with solutions that work for them.  Runwell is not a “one size fits all” IT firm.  Runwell is easy to work with, personable, and truly understands us so they can provide solutions that meet our needs.

Runwell recently implemented a full system replacement that went absolutely seamlessly. Sherman Silverstein was very impressed and Dan recalls that “no prior system upgrade, let alone an entire system replacement, has ever been implemented so well.”  Runwell was able to identify all potential roadblocks and understood how to address them before they become problems.  Every person on the Runwell team has a positive attitude and willingness to help. They are intelligent and knowledgeable in their field.  Holly stated: “their customer service is top-notch and well above other companies.”

Recently, Runwell helped Sherman Silverstein remain productive during the pandemic.  On a moment’s notice, Runwell ensured that all of the attorneys and all of the office staff were able to work remotely; again it was a seamless transition.  When things like this arise, Runwell always jumps in to implement a solution, which saves Dan and Holly time and energy by not having to attempt to figure out and solve the problems themselves.  

While Runwell is not in close proximity to the firm’s main office, they are always willing to come onsite to get problems resolved.  Holly recalls reaching out to Runwell at 3 PM one day, regarding an attorney issue, and they were at the office at 8 AM the next morning!

When asked what they would recommend about Runwell Solutions, it would be: 

  • Expertise in the IT industry
  • Willingness to consider the customer’s needs and structure a solution to accommodate those particular needs
  • Exceptional Customer Service