Client Spotlight: Saidis, Shultz & Fisher

Client Spotlight:

Saidis, Shultz & Fisher is a law firm that handles a number of different areas of law, including real estate, business law, estates, litigation, and more. They have five attorneys along with three support staff. We had the opportunity to interview Sean, a member of the firm and president since October 2017. He is the coordinator of all things IT and works closely with Runwell Solutions. Sean first learned of Runwell Solutions when he worked with them at a previous firm. When he opened up his own firm, he hired Runwell as his IT support.

Sean says that Runwell feels like an integral part of the firm. When they email or reply to something, it feels like they are just down the hall. Runwell has always had excellent quality work with rapid response times, and Saidis, Shultz, & Fisher has always been pleased with the work they do. Runwell always goes above and beyond.

The firm did experience a couple of challenges both in 2017 when starting the firm and in 2020 when they were expanding during the pandemic. Todd and the Runwell crew were there and ready to help with IT design and layout of the new office. They had issues with Internet providers and Runwell was able to get them over some massive hurdles to make things right and get up and running on time.

Runwell has helped the firm improve productivity. When Sean can’t do things on his own, Runwell is able to come help and get things done. This will either be remotely or they will send someone else out to help work on something. One example of this is when a PC went down recently. The Runwell team came out on the same day to get the PC. The repairs were turned around in 48 hours and in the interim when the PC was getting worked on, Runwell offered a computer to keep the attorney going.

When asked what they would recommend about Runwell, Sean says that it’s almost like having your own internal IT department. You can rely on them and they are a part of your team. Runwell believes in their operation and wants what’s best for them. Sean says that Todd in particular, but all the staff, has been very supportive, and it is great to have them at their fingertips.

Saidis, Shultz, & Fisher recognizes that there is a culture of excellence from top to bottom at Runwell Solutions. Everyone they have interacted with has been responsive and sincerely concerned and invested in the well-being of the firm.