Client Spotlight: Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Client Spotlight:

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) is a State/Federal Commission which was established in 1971 by a Compact and SRBC will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2021. The mission of the Commission, defined in their Compact, is to enhance public welfare through comprehensive planning, water supply allocation, and management of the water resources of the Susquehanna River Basin. The Susquehanna River flows 444 miles from its headwaters at Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, New York, to Havre de Grace, Maryland, where the river meets the Chesapeake Bay.

We had the opportunity to interview Brydon, the manager of the IT department of the Commission. Brydon has been the manager of the IT department since he started at SRBC 16 years ago. Brydon stated that the IT department consists of four talented staff members who handle the day to day IT needs of the Commission. However, SRBC relies on Runwell Solutions for many of the major hardware and software product updates, and high level IT questions and advancements as the Commission has grown over the years.

Brydon first learned of Runwell Solutions in 1998, when he was with another company.  When Brydon started at SRBC in 2004, the Commission was with another IT company, and Brydon quickly realized that the current network support company was not doing a satisfactory job in terms of support.  In early 2005 Brydon brought on Runwell Solutions.  Brydon said, “Runwell Solution technicians treat our network like it is their own network.” Runwell’s staff are always concerned and conscientious with work on all aspects of our environment, from managing and monitoring servers to switches, to off-site back up. They are always making sure that everything is running properly, and their service and support are exceptional.  Brydon has had experience with other IT companies in the past, and the level of knowledge and commitment isn’t the same as it is at Runwell Solutions. They are always there for you 24/7/365, answering whatever calls you may have.

One of the first large projects that Runwell Solutions helped SRBC with was the implementation of a document management system.  SRBC had over 50,000 documents spread across their network, and Runwell was able to help them consolidate all of these documents into one efficient cost-reducing solution.  Runwell also helped SRBC develop an externally facing web portal that assists companies (that are regulated by SRBC) to easily submit their water use data to SRBC on a quarterly basis.  This helped the Commission (and the regulated companies) improve their efficiency in uploading the water use data to SRBC and into one location.  Brydon says that we can rely heavily on Runwell Solutions for support, but they also helped transition SRBC to perform many network tasks internally and on their own, which is a testament to their teaching and guidance.

Brydon recommends Runwell for their knowledge and experience.  They always get the job done and do it the right way.  Brydon and SRBC are always confident that Runwell Solutions is able to get a project completed, on time, and accurate from start to finish. Runwell is always looking for ways of improving our already existing hardware and software platforms and doing it in a more efficient manner.